Crazy Venture Number One

If you had asked me where I would be now, two months ago, I would have told you that I would be in Upstate New York enrolled full-time in college.  I never would have guessed that just a month a later I would be offered a job to work in bad Ems, Germany and then just five weeks later that I would be landing in Frankfurt to live here for a year. This happened and I still cannot believe I am here.

I have always longed to travel and have adventures and I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for the first time in June. I went to Scotland and Ireland with my mom for nine days and I absolutely loved it! Before we even left I knew I wanted to come back for a longer time. Fast forward to September and I am in college in Upstate New York. I was trying to think about what I wanted to do next year and I was not really sure what that was. I wanted to stay in school but I also did not want student loans so I was thinking of taking a year off to work. I thought I would just go home to Syracuse to work but then I wondered if I could work overseas. I searched jobs overseas and I found numerous blogs talking about being au pairs. I had never heard of this before but I thought I could make a profile and see what happened. I made an account with Almondbury Agency and then I kind of just forget about it as school went on. A couple months later, one week before Thanksgiving break, I received an email from a family with five children that was wondering if I come and live with them the first week in January. At first I thought this was crazy because I am seventeen years old and I would have to drop out of school but then I decided that it was worth it and that I could just enroll online. So I dropped out of college, bought a plane ticket, and moved to Germany.

I am extremely excited to experience new things, try new foods, and learn the German language! I want to get the most out of my time in Europe and this blog will be capturing those moments!

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