Completed Venture #17, the Eiffel Tower

This past week I was able to put together a last minute trip to Paris! I had a few days off of work and the train tickets to Paris were very cheap. I spent five nights in Paris and I had an amazing time! I wish I could have stayed there forever!

If you’ve never been to Paris than it should be your next destination. The city is beautiful and full of history. I was very lucky because almost all of the museums and churches are free if you are under eighteen. This made my trip all the more enjoyable because my salary is not very large being a nanny.

On my list of ventures I want to see or do before I’m 25 years old, seeing the Eiffel Tower was number seventeen. Not only is the Eiffel Tower beautiful during the day, it is also stunning at night. Every once in a while during the night the Tower would just start sparkling like it was full of stars. When I first saw this it stole my breath away from me. It was gorgeous.


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