How to Travel and Study

I am currently an au-pair in Vienna, Austria, while I am completing my sophomore year of college. I am studying online through Liberty University and I love it. It is perfect for travelers or students working abroad because it can be completed anywhere in the world, at any time, and there are no required class lectures to attend so you do not have to worry about time differences and being at a place with wifi at a specific time. I have done my studies in Austria, China, Germany, Slovakia, England, and the US now with no problems.

The work is about the same as any college except your classes are eight weeks long instead of an entire semester. This means that they are faster but I find it manageable. The material is taught through books, videos, websites, and presentations. You have a professor for every class but they do not necessarily create the videos or write the textbooks. Your classroom discussions are completed through discussion boards where you create a post and then you comment on other people’s and respond to their comments on your post. You also write papers and present presentations to the class (you can record yourself with a camera).

Since you do not have a classroom you’re professor is not as involved with the students but they are still easily accessible. When I need help or information about an assignment I can email, call, or video call with my professor and they are required to answer within 24-48 hours but usually it is sooner than that. They also post updates every Monday about what work is due for that week and they try to clarify any points of the assignments that might need it. Overall, I find the teachers to be fantastic and very helpful.

Cost is also important when it comes to school. The best part of studying online is that it is much cheaper than attending school as a residential student. At Liberty, a semester usually costs just about $5000, which will be covered by the FAFSA if you qualify for the full amount.  The books can be just as expensive as regular college textbooks but many of the books are online and that can make them a lot cheaper. Some of them can only be bought as hard copies so that can be annoying when traveling because you have to carry them with you and it can make them much more expensive because you have to pay for shipping.

I think I’ve covered all of the aspects of online university but feel free to leave questions in the comments! I’ve been doing this for over a year now so I am quite confident that I can answer questions about the program.

10 thoughts on “How to Travel and Study

  1. I always wanted to study abroad in college but didn’t feel I can save enough money to go anywhere. But I do travel for my job and blog on the side so I know I have to manage my time doing both. But if I decided to ever go back to school I’m most definitely going to study abroad!


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