Completed Venture #12, See Stonehenge

In case you don’t know, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument from about 2500 BC. It is located in Salisbury, England and it is easily a day trip from London.


I went in March so it was very cold, windy, and rainy. I had not brought the proper clothes with me because I had packed for London weather so I froze. This did not take away from the experience too much though. Since it was March and the weather was so terrible, Stonehenge was almost empty. This was wonderful and unexpected. There are a couple of spots where it is best to take photos and those places were a bit busy but when you were just walking around the monument and listening to the audio guide it was like you were alone. Speaking of audio guides, the audio guide was very fascinating and even if the tour hadn’t given me one, I would have rented one. The only bad thing about it was that it did not have headphones so you had to hold it up to your ear like a phone. This would be fine in better weather but if you can tell from the picture above I was trying to keep my hands warm by keeping them in my coat. I had to take them out of my coat to listen to the guide and that was not enjoyable. I was also pleasantly surprised about how close you could go to the monument. My host family had complained that you had to stay terribly far away and they hated this because when they were kids there were no barriers so you could walk through the monument and touch the stones. I did not expect to have this kind of freedom so I was fine with the distance that they established. We did not get to go into the monument but we were quite close and I could see everything that I wanted to. Overall, my time at Stonehenge was wonderful and I would definitely suggest that you go if you can!


Here is some information on how I visited Stonehenge. I did a day trip tour with a company called Premium Tours. The tour started at 7:45 in the morning and we did not arrive back in London until 8:00 pm. The tour did not only go to to Stonehenge, it also visited Windsor Castle, Bath, and we had a nice lunch in a restaurant. I really enjoyed the trip, even though I was worried that it is was going to be very rushed. Me fears did not come true and the trip didn’t feel rushed at all. We had plenty of time at Stonehenge and they even gave us audio guides. I loved this tour company and I plan on using them again for other trips when I’m in England!

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